360 Practice Insight

For Practice Owner and Office Manager

Comprehensive fully customized analysis and business plan includes:

Onsite visit:

  1. In-depth discussion with practice owner and office manager to understand challenges and goals.
  2. Collect data such as current management systems, schedule, and financial data.
  3. Observe team member interactions and evaluate team dynamics and efficiency.
  4. Assess office experience from the perspective of a patient.
  5. Although the onsite visits are conducted in a non-intrusive manner, clients have the option to decline the onsite visit and the required information can be collected over phone and email instead.

Customized written business plan based on your needs and goals to include:

  1. Assessment of current performance
  2. Solutions using the proven “Managing by the Numbers” system to increase production, lower overhead, and increase personal and employee satisfaction
  3. Strategic plan for implementation and execution

In-person meeting with Peter Lam and Chantelle Warren to discuss customized business plan.

3 month follow-up period which includes weekly 1hr phone calls with Chantelle and monthly 1hr phone calls with Peter.

Beyond 3 months, clients can choose to continue with the consulting and coaching at hourly rates.

360 Professional Insight

  1. Includes 6 hours of individualized coaching with Peter to discuss career goals and professional strategies.

  2. Being a good dentist is not enough to ensure future success and decisions early on in your career can greatly impact your future success. Understanding the business of dentistry is just as important as clinical skills.

  3. Topics discussed can include effective communication strategies, insight on practice buying, finding your niche in dentistry, career direction, clinical tips to improve your skills and productivity and pivotal business strategies and concepts.

3 Month Insight

Includes weekly 1hr phone calls with Chantelle and monthly 1hr phone calls with Peter.

Hourly and monthly consulting and coaching services are based on client needs and can include:

  1. Insight on retirement planning and investment decisions
  2. Insight on reducing work stress and achieving better work-life balance
  3. Insight on increasing income without working harder
  4. Insight on getting the best marketing return on investment
  5. Insight on hiring team members and dental associates
  6. Insight on overcoming plateaued growth
  7. Insight on improving dental hygiene efficiency and productivity
  8. Insight on reducing staff conflict and issues
  9. Insight on gaining new patients and new patient experience
  10. Insight on implementing Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) procedures
  11. Insight on how to screen for employee theft
  12. Insight on patient scheduling to increase productivity and decrease stress
  13. Insight on preparing a practice for sale to get the highest appraisal
  14. Insight on evaluating a practice to purchase
  15. Insight on how to design and set-up a start-up dental office
  16. Insight for new dentists needing mentorship
  17. Insight on facilitating a practice management study club

1 Month Insight

Includes weekly 1hr phone calls with Chantelle and a monthly 1hr phone call with Peter.

Hourly Insight

Peter and Chantelle are available for consulting and coaching by the hour, either individually or together.