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Dr. Michael Bernard,
General Dentist

Dr. Michael Bernard, General Dentist
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Beaumont, Alberta

“Peter has been instrumental in helping me turn my practice around.  My practice was in a slide toward financial disaster.  After 4 months of working with Peter my practice is much stronger and set to continue to grow stronger.  In fact, the third month of our time together was the best I have ever had over my 17 years of practice.

Peter was able to help me break down where my practice was strong and where it was weak.  In my case, the significant problems we identified were weaknesses in marketing, scheduling, staffing, and case presentation.  We created systems, made goals and monitored progress to address each of those areas.  I feel Peter’s understanding of each of those areas is strong and grounded in years of studying business principles.  I feel confident in implementing changes as Peter is able to help me troubleshoot the inevitable hiccups as they arise.

One of Peter’s primary strengths is helping me to run my practice by the numbers.  He understands how to analyze and quantify the costs and returns on investment in the practice.  As time goes on, I expect I will continue to learn from Peter how to understand and run my practice according to practical business management principles.”

Dr. Sean Pack,
General Dentist

Dr. Sean Pack, General Dentist
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Calgary, Alberta

“I have had the priviledge of working with Chantelle at West Market Dental in Calgary. She was highly motivated and always excelled at the tasks that were given to her.

As an office manager, she was involved in human resources and every day front end administrative tasks. She was able to make the front end more efficient and increased our production significantly.

Chantelle has a good eye for detail and understands the ins and outs of the business of dentistry very well. Because of her unique background and experience as being an office manager with a dental assisting background, she is able to evaluate the dental practice as a whole and be able to see what needs to be improved to make the office more efficient and increase revenue.

I highly recommend Chantelle as a consultant or coach, without hesitation, to anyone who feels like they need some help with their dental practice in any area.”

Dr. Christopher Lan,
General Dentist

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Calgary, Alberta

“I have worked with Peter for the past 8 years. During that time, he has been a great mentor to me. Peter is an excellent clinician, with expertise in many different fields of dentistry, and has helped me build up my dental skill set significantly during that time. In addition, I have seen him turn our dental office into a very successful practice, all the while, still managing to spend time taking care of his family and staff.

Peter’s success has required some time and effort, however, he always encourages efficiency and teamwork, which has allowed him to maintain a lifestyle where he can have a balance between work and life.

While you may have already implemented some of the things Peter encourages into your practice, he is a wealth of knowledge, and there are many “pearls” of information that he has that I’m sure will help take your practice to the next level.”

Dr. Alok Singh,
General Dentist

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Calgary, Alberta

I have had the pleasure to work with Chantelle for about 5 years. In that time she served as an effective office manager as well as a general manager for our multiple clinics. As an office manager she oversaw a clinic with multiple providers and a staff of 20. As a general manager she oversaw a group of 5 clinics. Chantelle is strong in the areas of human resources, Dentrix software, and has 20+ years of experience in the dental field.

Ron Poch,
Henry Schein Sales Consultant

Ron Poch Henry Schein Sales Consultant
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Calgary, Alberta

“I have known and worked with Dr. Peter Lam since 2007. He has been an excellent and loyal client during this time.

Peter’s practice has grown steadily and become more profitable year after year since he took ownership in 2007. I credit this to his slow, purposeful, and methodical approach to making this practice the best it can be. He has introduced and implemented new technology and services at a pace congruent with the latest tech on the market. Peter has always ensured he has excellent staff to help him in his journey and maintained an up to date appearance to his practice. He is genuine and motivated.

Peter is an excellent example of what excellent dental practice leadership can be.”

Alisa Mackenzie,
Lead Business Assistant

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Calgary, Alberta

“When our clinic was going through many changes with ownership and protocols, Chantelle helped us to learn and grow as team members for our new employers. She brought calmness and direction to a stressful situation. She is very knowledgeable and thorough.”