Welcome to Insight Dental Consulting

Our primary goal is to equip dentists with proven business and management strategies that are not taught in dental school but are vital to a successful practice. Adjusting the way you practice now will profoundly affect your life and career for years to come.

Dr. Peter Lam, President

Dr. Peter Lam, President

“Being both a dentist and a business owner at the same time is not easy. I am passionate about helping other dentists realize their full potential and lead balanced, happier lives.”

What Makes Us Different?

We have real world dental experience and offer individualized coaching tailored to your specific needs.

Dr. Peter Lam is an experienced and successful dentist who has managed and grown his dental practice in Calgary for over 10 years. Chantelle Warren has worked as a dental assistant, administrative assistant and office manager and understands the day to day challenges of your dental practice.

Wealth Building for Dentists

Wealth Venn Diagram

Our company has a comprehensive approach to helping dentists achieve financial success.

Understanding the unique capacity dentists have to build wealth and implementing strategies in every wealth building area is necessary to help you reach your goals.

Insight Dental Consulting has developed an innovative dentist-specific wealth building and retirement calculator that is available to our clients.

Our Managing by the Numbers system helps dentists work smarter, not harder.

This system objectively analyzes the financial health of your practice and helps you increase production and net profits by controlling overhead costs.

Without understanding your overhead costs, you may be unknowingly working twice as hard but making less. For instance, the net profit for a practice grossing $2 million at 80% overhead is $400K whereas the net profit for a practice grossing $1 million at 50% overhead is $500K. Which dentist would you rather be?

We focus on providing practical recommendations that require minimal costs and are easy to implement.

We do not believe it makes sense to offer expensive solutions to struggling dentists.

We believe in practicing with the highest integrity without ever compromising quality patient care.

Dental Consulting Programs

Our goal is for our clients to achieve theirs which is why we include a 3 month follow-up as part of our comprehensive consultation to motivate clients to implement recommendations and achieve results.

Consulting & Coaching

We can tailor our services to your needs and goals and offer individualized hourly consulting.